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Technical Working Group on Functional Barrier

Founded to respond to concerns about the safety of ABA co-extruded sheets in food contact applications.

WG members
  • Technical experts from ALIPLAST, LINPAC, Klöckner Pentaplast, MP3, COEXPAN-Montonate & observers from two more member companies, coordinated by food contact experts from EuPC.

  • Conduction of an anonymous survey to collect all available risk assessment analysis on ABA PET sheet.

  • Drafting of a Harmonized Protocol for the Assessment of Functional Barrier Technology and exploring options to scientifically validate this protocol.

WG objective
  • Obtaining a standardized, scientifically based protocol which can be used by PSE members to demonstrate the compliance for food contact of their products. Possible development towards a quality trademark.

Business Information System

Weekly updates and information provided to all PSE members:

  1. EU Policy Follower
    European regulatory information for the plastics industry via the Polymer Comply Europe regulatory monitoring service


  2. PET News
    Business & market information about the global and European PET industry

More activities

Setting the minimal technical and quality standards for PET sheets.

Design and promotion of quality marks

Dialoguing with standardisation authorities.

Research-and-development and promotion activities, possibly with funding from the European communities

Lobbying for technical standards

Development of new applications for the products in question

Monitoring of the activities in the field of PET sheets


Commitment to recycled content - in average 70 % of rPET by 2025

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